Hire Giant Outdoor Games in Auckland

Stress Free Giant Games Hire in Auckland. No confusing daily rates, and no strict pick up and drop off times.

hire giant jenga auckland

Hire Giant Jenga

This is what GiantWood.co.nz was originally made for. Our blocks are huge, and come in three large carry bags. Everyone knows the rules so we don’t need to reproduce them here. This particular giant outdoor game is sure to keep people busy at your wedding, party, birthday, or baby shower.

Learn more and hire giant jenga here.

Hire Cornhole

Yeah yeah we realise there is nothing giant about our cornhole boards, but it’s a fun game and we were getting a huge number of requests for it. So although most people coming to our website are looking for giant games to hire in Auckland, we decided to bend the rules and offer a normal size outdoor game for hire.

Learn more and hire cornhole here.

Why Hire Giant Games from Us?

Because organising an event, especially a wedding, can be stressful.

We don’t charge daily rates. Because if we did, you’ll be panicking to return the game to us to save money. Our hire rate is the same as most peoples daily rate, but you can pick up and drop off the game anytime close to your event. Pick it up the week before, and drop it off in the week after. Whatever suits you!

We don’t have variable rates. Other places where you can hire giant outdoor games have weekday prices, weekend prices, and long term prices. Bugger that! The price you see on our jenga page, or cornhole page, is what you pay.

No delivery fees. That’s because we don’t offer delivery! Pickup and drop off is on Auckland’s North Shore, in Glenfield. We can leave it on our doorstep for you to pick up your hire whenever suits.

No bond. Let’s trust each other. We’ll offer these nice and flexible terms, if you promise to treat our gear with care. If anything does come back broken however, we do invoice $100. But in saying that, we accept there will be general wear and tear and if we can fix any damage, we will!

No Photo ID. We’ll leave that sort of stuff to the folks over at carltonpartyhire haha

Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping, returns, etc, etc…

  • What's the shipping cost?

    We don’t offer any giant outdoor games for sale. All our games are for hire, and with pickup and delivery on Auckland’s North Shore. For this reason there are no shipping or delivery fees.

  • Do you hire games for events?

    We do. Most people who hire a giant outdoor game from us are using it for some sort of event. Typically weddings, birthdays, or something like a baby shower.

  • Where are you based and where are these made?

    We are based in Auckland, and our product is made here in Auckland.

  • Why do you make these?

    Because I am passionate about giant outdoor games. Nah I’ll be honest. The real reason is I live in Auckland and my mortgage is bloody HUGE!

    I started giantwood.co.nz to provide a little extra trickle of income to chip away at our mortgage, so I will only be in soul-crushing debt until I am 64, instead of 65.

About GiantWood.co.nz

Who is behind GiantWood.co.nz?
Giantwood is a New Zealand based website selling premium giant toppling blocks, similar to the game of Jenga. We are based in Auckland and offer fast, reliable delivery to all our customers.

We spend little on marketing, so every customer of Giantwood.co.nz is treated as a future marketer of our brand. We want you to be impressed with our service, quality of product, and timely shipping, so you will tell your friends and family about us when they ask where you purchased your giant toppling blocks from.

There are lots of places to choose from, why should I choose Giantwood.co.nz?

Firstly, we aren’t a large company, so if you call or email us you will speak with the person who makes the product, manages the websites, ships the product, or meets you when dropping off the product.

Secondly, our giant blocks are made here in Auckland, New Zealand. We don’t import our blocks using cheaper timber. We want your giant toppling blocks to last a lifetime!

Thirdly, we are flexible. Prefer to do a bank transfer, or cash on delivery? We can do that! Want to pick up the game from Glenfield, or Takapuna? Or have it dropped off in Albany, Parnell, or Henderson? We can sort that for you too! In fact if you’re in the Auckland region we can pretty well bend to any of your requests. If you are outside of Auckland, we’ll still try our best to help!

Do you hold stock in Auckland?
We try to keep ahead of the game and hold a few sets in stock, but every now and then we run out of stock and quickly make a new set. If you need a giant set of our toppling blocks ASAP (as in, this afternoon!) it may pay to email us first via our contact form.